The Akrata

Akrata, built amphitheatrically at the foot of Helmos, has in recent years shown great residential development, which shows the tendency for progress and further growth in all sectors. It is the seat of our Municipality and its administrative and cultural center.

Akrata keeps its residential color and the beautiful feeling of “village”, something that many people appreciate. The interior of the Municipality keeps its traditional color intensely. In Akrata, after visiting the historic temple of Ag. Charalambous, you can enjoy your coffee, ouzo or your food at its hospitable square. But the beauty of our mountains is so close, as access to the mountain villages is easy and fast.


Akrata has several attractions to see:

Monastery of Ag. Trinity. Post-Byzantine monastery in a privileged position on the outskirts of Akrata. It was built in 1715 AD. The Church of the Monastery is one-roomed with dome and well-preserved frescoes. The monastery has a lot of remarkable heirlooms, reliquaries and portable icons. Many of the monastery’s cells are built on ancient ruins.


Helmos – Lake Tsivlou – Zarouchla Forest. In the middle of the trail to Zarouchla (from Akrata) and to the right, you will see a unique spectacle, the Tsivlos lake. Surrounded slopes complete the landscape and the scenery reminds Canada. A small-sized lake, with huge branches climbing from its surface, creates awe and thoughts for monsters and dragons circulating under its quiet waters. On a mountain bike or a four-wheeled bike, take a round of the lake (there is a perimeter). Picnic is imposed (in the organized areas), but attention to the cleanliness of the area. Follow the valley of Krasi River and visit the forest of Messorhuyu – Zarouchla. In the village of Peristera, do not forget to taste the famous trout of the area. From Peristera starts the new road axis (14 km), which reaches the Kalavrita Ski Center. The area is ideal for walking and visiting historical sites such as the Fountain of Golfo (where the famous film was shot) and the waters of Stygos that spring from the Aroania Mountains (Helmos). Waterfalls, streams, restored towers, Byzantine churches make up a unique proposition. Zarouchla village is the base for Ancient Feneos. There is a wonderful (dirt) route through the fir trees that connects Achaia with Corinthia.


During the summer months, Akrata is transformed into an organized tourist resort. The tourist infrastructure can ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay. Our rooms and apartments to rent offer full coverage. The visitor can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf, swimming, fishing, skiing or any other marine activity. Taverns, restaurants, cafes, ouzer scattered all over Akrata beach allow you to enjoy your coffee, food, ouzo by the sea. Nightlife is not lacking, for those who want it. The “Cultural Summer” under the auspices of the Municipality gives you the opportunity to watch the cultural events of interest (concerts, theatrical performances, etc.). We must also not forget our mountain, which in the summer months also vibrates with life. The inhabitants of Akrata have used to go to the villages of Nikarides during the summer months. The dew of the mountain “compensates” summer visitors, “imposing” the use of blankets even during the heat of the day. Calmness and relaxation in nature is a given, but anyone who wants to “enjoy it” will not be disappointed, since local festivals are organized in July and August on the occasion of religious feasts.

Beaches of Aegialiia

The coastline of Aegialiia with its beautiful and clean beaches offers the visitor incredible alternations. Whichever beach you choose for your vacation, you can visit the others very easily, since the distances between them are small. Each beach has its own unique beauty and picturesqueness, along with the taverns and bars completing the picture.

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